My goal is to provide information about choosing and setting up home theater surround sound equipment without being overly verbose and technical. Other sites appeal more to the audiophiles that enjoy immersion into a ton of technical jargon and minutiae — that isn’t the purpose of this site — I aim to keep it understandable.

My goal is for you to understand how to get the most out of your buck without having to waste your time trying to become an audio guru or having to understand every word and jargon, every technical term that there is to learn. Not everyone has the time to spare in learning what makes a good surround sound system. However, it seems that choosing the best surround sound equipment requires tons of research and understanding so that you can get the best bang for your buck – but fear not for we have simplified everything to make it easier for you to understand everything!

As I experiment with swapping out components in my own systems I’ll continue to add more content to this site. I’m a DIY’er in most things and hope to share information you can use in assembling the components of your surround sound systems.

My regular job is software testing for companies in Seattle although my college degree is in electrical engineering. While that doesn’t necessarily qualify me as a surround sound expert, I do enjoy diving in to explore the technical aspects of the equipment and enjoy learning from the audiophiles I meet.

I built my first website in 2007 about campgrounds in the Northwest using my programming skills. That took many months of effort to get off the ground. Unfortunately, after all that work my site was failing to attract visitors or get Google’s attention, no matter how useful I thought it was.

I read some internet marketing books and soon learned that if the search engines don’t know about your site, for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist.